Universal WebView Android with Admin Panel

About Universal WebView or Web to App:
Universal WebView is a multi-featured WebView app made in Android Studio We give you a free Admin Panel also with it and Also giving you WebView Job Portal Blog App Free. You can easily convert your existing website to android app, Universal WebView has all the features required to create a blog app with Admin Panel. You can connect many Universal WebView app with single Admin Panel and all the app can show different data output as according to you. Universal WebView or Web to App is specially designed who wants to create a Blog App or Job Portal Blog App, Tips And Tricks Blog App, etc. See below-listed features of Universal Web to App or WebView app

Features Android App:

1) Universal WebView App
2) Connect any type of website to Universal WebView
3) Download ZIP, PDF, MP3, MP4, Images, APK, Softwares from Universal WebView
4) Facebook Ads Integration
5) One Signal Push Notification
6) Beautiful Progress Dialog
7) Error Handling or No Internet Shows Custom Page
8) HTML, JavaScript Supported
9) File Upload
10)         Show Local Pages
11) Beautiful About us HTML Page Include
12) Beautiful Navigation Drawer With Header and Footer
13) Customizable Navigation Menu
14) Rate us Button Added
15) Share App Button Added
16)         Pull to Refresh

Features Admin Panel:

1) Secure Login
2) Beautiful Design
3) Add More Admin (Edit & Delete)
4) Write Beautiful Posts
5) See All Posts (Edit & Delete)
6) Create Categories
7) See All Categories (Edit & Delete)
8) Manage Comments (Delete)
9) Create Gallery Page (Edit & Delete)
10) Create Site Pages like (about us, contact us, etc)  (Edit & Delete)
11) Upload ZIP, PDF, MP3, APK, etc files
12) View, Delete All the Uploaded Files  (View & Delete)
13) Check Statistics
14) Send Push Notification from Admin Panel to Android App
15) Secure Logout

Demo:   Click Here
Username:   admin
Password:    admin

Made in: Android Studio
Product: Full Source Code
Price : 59$

Demo: http://speedapps.esy.es/
If you want to buy full source code For this app Contact Mr. Vinod:
WhatsApp: +918307878848

Note:- Only interested person contact us.

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