Secure VPN (Unlimted Free Servers + Admob + Motion Layout)

Build with Free VPN Gate Servers. 90+ VPN Servers. No Need of Api Key. Supports Motion Layout for Animation

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How to Rename the Package Name?

  1. First click once on your package and then click the setting icon on Android Studio.
  2. Close/Unselect Compact Empty Middle Packages
  3. Then, right click your package and rename it.
  4. Right click on the root folder of your project.
  5. Click “Open Module Setting”.
  6. Go to the Flavours tab.
  7. Change the application ID with the same name of your package name before > Press OK.

How to Change Application Name?

  1. Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  2. Select ‘strings.xml’
  3. Enter your app name inside “app_name” string tag 
<string name="app_name">Secure VPN</string>

How to Change Admob id?

  1. Go to strings.xml 
  2. Change the Following
<string name="banner_ad_id">ca-app-pub-7838930253310927/2433938640</string>
<string name="interstitial_ad_id">ca-app-pub-7838930253310927/8616203611</string>

How to Setup Firebase?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add New Project.
  3. Give Project a Name and Select Region.
  4. Add Firebase to Android App.
  5. Enter your Package Name and App Name.
  6. Download google-services.json file.
  7. paste it in App Folder.


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