GIF Maker Android Studio App Source Code

GIF MAKER allows you to create an online animated gif file freely and a very easy few steps. Also, you get features to create different size gif files. You can share an animated gif file to your friends using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

GIF Maker Android Studio App Source Code
GIF MAKER doesn’t require any kind of special skills like a photographer. Any person can create his/her own animated gif file within few steps using the application. Also, it does not require any kind of designing/editing tool like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator, etc.
GIF MAKER converts jpg/png/jpeg etc group of files into wonderful animated file of your choice.
GIF MAKER is designed for android users in the English language version.
GIF MAKER Features:
1. Easy to use for any user 
2. Different size GIF provision 
3. Easy to share with friends using WhatsApp, Facebook, Giphy, etc 
4. Easily accessible through the gallery 
5. Easy to manage 
6. Very much lightweight 
7. Best performance-oriented for your device.
We have tried to create one of the best solutions for photo-centric, photography loving users. Please install GIF MAKER and create your own animated GIF files.
1. Import Project
   Open Android Studio 
   Import Project
2. Change Your Package Name
  Refector your package name in manifest.xml
  Step 1 : select gifmaker" text
  Step 2 : Shift + F6 Press
  Step 3 : Rename package name 
3. Change Your App Name
  Replace your app name 
  Step 1: Go To "res" folder
  Step 2: then Go to "value" folder
  Step 3: then open "String" file
  Step 4: then replace your app name instead of "VMG GIF MAKER" 
  <string name="app_name">VMG GIF MAKER</string>
4. Change App Icon
  Replace your app icon
  Step 1: Go To "res" folder
  Step 2: then Go to "drawable" folder
  Step 3: then find "app_icon" file
  Step 4: then replace your app icon with "app_icon" 
5. Change Your Add mob id
  •   Go To "res" folder
  •   then Go to "value" folder
  •   Then open "String" file
  • Then replace your name="addmob_id" instead of ca-app-pub-4748993091760182~XXXXXXXX" 
  • Then replace your name="banner_ads" insted of ca-app-pub-4748993091760182/XXXXXXXXX" 
  • Then replace your name="intrestial_ads" insted of ca-app-pub-4748993091760182/XXXXXXXXX" 
  Enjoy With Gif Maker - ILoveDeshi ... | Help is Paid
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